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Exclusive Services

Discover all the advantages of being member of De Antonio Yachts Club.

Sail flexibly and without worries

De Antonio Yachts Club offers you many possibilities to live the sea choosing different boats and using many marinas.  We will support your boat life by keeping the boat in a perfect condition. We check the cleaning, fuel, oil, batteries, freshwater, blackwater and the weather conditions for all our members. You will always get your boat in perfect conditions. We will care about all.

One annual fee

With your annual fee you can enjoy and sail all year long. There is no limit of booking days, only a limit of 50 running engine hours. If your need more engine hours, you can add this by your local club.

*If you are an international member those bookings are included and on top of your local membership.

Enjoy de Antonio Yachts Range

Look at your closest club and discover the fleet. De Antonio Yachs fleet is the best option to enjoy the sea with amily and friends. A unique yacht:  innovative, elegant sporty and smart . Explore all the range in different lenghts from 28 to 50 feet and choose you favorite one!.

Be sustainable

The sustainable way of using a boat is to share, sharing is caring!. Since there’s no a planet B we need to use sustainable services. Why I need to buy a boat if I can have a boat all the year helping the sustainable economy and to do my bit to make this world a better world?

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